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Online Open House: The Chinese American Oral History Project at the SDCHM


As many are aware, the SDCHM was able to reactivate its Chinese American Oral History project in 2019, thanks to support from diverse agencies and individuals.

In November 2019, we held an open house event at the Museum to introduce the project, housed in the Pei Liu Chen and Tsuan Nien Chang Library.  Following that event, and with support from Rhiannon Koh (a UCSD Urban Studies and Planning student who acted as Project Media Intern from 10/2019-03/2020) we were able to prepare narrative videos based on footage that was recorded during the workshops.

We'd like to draw your attention to a webpage that features information about the project, and which includes a video bank containing several of the finished narrative pieces.  Here is a link:

Please take a look at the videos featured on this webpage.  Afterwards, we'd love to hear what you think about the project and its online presentation via an online survey form prepared by one of the program’s supporters, California Humanities:

Here is a direct link to the survey form:

Please note, the first three survey prompts aim to identify the project under consideration.  We'd like to provide information to complete these three prompts in what follows:

  1. Grant I.D. / Project Name: HFAQ19-135 / Jiātíng gùshì: Intergenerational Oral History Project at the San Diego Chinese Historical Society and Museum
  2. Event Name: Online Open House
  3. Date: November 13-30, 2020

We will be scheduling the next round of oral history interview workshops via Zoom in the coming weeks.  Please stay tuned for future project developments via our website!

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