1st Saturday Lecture: Chinese Restaurants in San Diego

02/05/2022 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PT


Education - CCC


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Online - Registration via Zoom to open soon!


Tina Tom will share on the life of restaurant owners from her personal experience and her research of other restaurants.



The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is partnering with the SDSU Chinese Cultural Center to bring twice-monthly remote educational programming to our community via this series of talks and discussions.  This series offers unique insights into Chinese history, Chinese culture, American history and lifeways of Chinese Americans, with a particular focus on objects represented in the Museum’s permanent collection

On May 1st, we will be joined by Tina Tom, a community member whose parents owned a restaurant in San Diego.  One important underpinning element for Tina's talk concerns how opening a restaurant served as a way to obtain merchant status, therefore enabling owners to stay legally in the United States during the period that the Chinese Exclusion Act was in force (1882-1943).  In her talk, Tina will share from her personal experience of growing up in a restaurant,and also draw on her research of other restaurants in California.


We will publish a link to the page where attendees should register to attend the presentation in Zoom soon!

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